Hi, this is Calvin Man graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009.

I love building websites. The Internet is a fantastic place for me to learn. I started out on the Internet in 1996. I remember how I was excited by typing command in DOS mode to download the Netscape via a 28.8k modem. Surfing the net at that time was a time-consuming task. I then started to build websites in 1998. I got my first freelance job in 2000 — building a website which uses JavaScript to store and retrieve data to present the company's products.

The Internet and of course those websites have changed a lot over the last decade and now it has come to the age of Web 2.0. The technology is changing very quickly. I always keep myself updated, and this is a great challenge for me to acquire skills quickly. In these few years, I mainly concentrated on new technology and tools for building website. My recent project was developed using Ruby on Rails, and with jQuery for the visual effects. Besides, I have been achieving a better design not only on layout but also on the coding. For example, this website is built using the standards compliant XHTML and tableless web design.

Many of my friends said I am a perfectionist. Well, I am not sure, but my belief is that everything has to be done on my best effort otherwise the work should not be started. If one can insist on putting effort, everything can be achieved. Besides, I am not afraid of failure. Everyone has to learn from process. No matter they succeed or not, they would gain experience from it.

Some of my works are placed in the portfolio page. The tags below are the technology or tools that I have used for my works and school projects :-)

AccessAJAXApacheAptanaASP.NETCC#C++COBOLCSSeclipseExcelFlashFORTRANHTMLi18nIISIllustratorJavaJavaScriptJoomlajQueryJSPLinuxMacMLMSSQLMySQLOracle 10gPascalPerlPhotoshopPHPPL/SQLPowerPointPrologRuby On RailsscriptaculousSmalltalkSMSVB.NETWindowsWordXHTMLXMLYUIZen Cart